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We are happy to inform you that, Odisha Environment Congress will hold its 8th edition from 20th to 22nd December 2017. The OEC has Started form 2010 and has been successfully organized for the last seven years by Human Development Foundation- centre for Development Action & Research (HDF-cDAR) Bhubaneswar, Centre for Environment and Development (CED), Thiruvananthapuram with support & collaboration of Govt. of Odisha, Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH), Govt. of India, Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC), Xavier University of Bhubaneswar (XUB). The themes of last 7 years were “Environment & Water Resources” in 2010, “Environment & Forest” in 2011, “Environment & Energy” in 2012, “Environment & Agriculture” in 2013 and “Environment & Climate Change” in 2014, “Environment: Health and Nutrition” in 2015, and “Environment: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene” in 2016.

The focal theme of this year’s conference is “Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management”.

Since last seven years, OEC has been successfully organizing under the patronage and support of various departments of the Govt, Academic Institutions and various non-Govt. agencies. Many scientists/researchers of repute from Odisha as well as outside of the state had attended the previous OECs, including Ministers and Govt. Officials. Apart from 3 day long deliberations and paper presentations on the given theme, there have been other activities which include various competitions among school and college students, exhibitions, regional workshops, Young Scientist Awards, Green Corporate Excellence Award, Green Ambassador Award, and Children’s Environment Congress etc. Over the past years the successful conduction of OECs has established itself as a unique and important platform for the cause of protection and conservation of environment in the state of Odisha.


Sustainable River Basin Management is the key issue in environment protection and core of the sustainable development. There are 11 River Basins in the State of Odisha and an immense need to focus for its sustainability.


In the recent past we have all experienced to tackle the disputes related to River water across the country and now we are facing in Odisha.

Odisha being one of the developing States in India, has several challenges to achieve the desired goal of SDG on River Basin Management. The envisaged objective of the OEC 2017 is to bring together academicians, activists, policy makers, industry and media houses to discuss debate and deliberate on environment & Sustainable River Basin Management and come up with implementable solutions to achieve the goals relating for same. The issues pertaining to the theme needs to be taken to larger public domain, specifically to the young masses, and hence OEC 2017 plans out various other activities apart from invited paper presentations by experts/scientists and junior researchers on specific topics related to focal theme – “Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management” with relevance to Odisha.


  1. To provide a platform for interaction among the researchers, policy makers and leading experts in the field of River Basin Management, so that they come up with innovative and creative ideas to address key challenges in achieving the desired result for same.
  2. To enhance the networking between various research organizations, government and non government organizations working in the field of Water Management.
  3. To generate specific knowledge base on protecting environment through River Basin interventions.
  4. To generate awareness about environmental impact of River Basin and come up with strategies based on scientific and rational approach involving different stakeholders.
  5. To offer an open forum for community members to interact with scientific community.

Sub Themes:

  1. River Water sharing: Conflict and Co-operation.
  2. Allocation of River Water among different users, Prioritization and efficient use.
  3. River Health: E-Flow and Catchment.
  4. Inter-Basin Transfer of River Water/River Linkage.
  5. Management Structure for River Basins.
  6. Policy  Advocacy related to River Basins.

Activities proposed:

Besides, keynote and invited paper presentation a series of pre-congress activities are proposed to be conducted including competitions of school/College/Institution students on essay, story wiring, painting, debate and quiz through eco-clubs and district environmental societies. During the congress, State level Children’s Environment Congress, Display of Models and Exhibitions, cultural activities will be undertaken. In addition to this, 11 Consultations will be organized at different River Basin in Odisha. The details of the proposed activities are as follows.

  • Round Table on Convergence and Partnership: There will be four round tables involving key Government Departments, Development Agencies, Civil Societies and Corporate on specific issues of River Basin and Key policy asks. These round tables will aim at forging convergence and partnership between key stakeholders on specific issues of River Basin and to prepare a roadmap for the State in line with the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Consultation of 11 River Basin: Consultation will be organized to focus on key issues of 11 River Basin of the State.
  • Children’s Environment Congress- Creating Awareness about Environment: WASH and SDGs: There is emerging need to create awareness about impact of WASH on environment among the young minds. Hence it is proposed to organize various competitions among the college students across the state involving the District Environment Societies and Eco Clubs formed in the schools and colleges. Competitions like Essay, Story writing, painting, Debate etc will be organized in Colleges/Institutions and prizes will be awarded to the winners. Besides, various awareness generation activities will be undertaken at different levels. In order to gather the perspective of children on environment, WASH and SDGs a one day Children’s Environment Congress will be organized at the State Level.
  • Display of Models and Exhibitions: Industries, NGOs and CBOs will be encouraged to display their key outputs of the projects relating to environment and Sustainable River Basin Management. The students and colleges students and researchers will be requested to put up posters of various exhibitions on focal themes. This will be done during the organization of 3 days Environment Congress at state level.
  • Paper Presentation during the OEC: Senior and Junior Scientists will be requested to write papers and present them during the OEC. The selected papers will be compiled in the form of Pre-Congress Proceedings. Besides the paper presentations there will be Key Note addresses by Eminent Experts.
  • Young Scientist Award: Papers from young researchers will be invited and presented before the Jury for consideration of young scientist award for 2016. Two to three winners will be provided with certificate memento and cash prize of Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand only) each.
  • Odisha “Water” Ambassador Award:  Nominations from credible NGOs/Civil society members, academicians, experts in environment with remarkable contribution in the area of environment particularly in the field of WASH in Odisha will be sought for consideration for the Odisha “Water” Ambassador Award for the year 2017. The nomination will be scrutinized by a jury for decision regarding awardees. Two to Five winners will be provided with certificate memento, crown and cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only). The Green Ambassador will be crowned for one year till completion of OEC-2016. He/she is expected to guide and participate in activities relating to the Odisha Environment Congress till culmination of OEC-2018.

Activities during OEC:

  • Paper presentation
  • Display of Models and Exhibitions
  • Live Art Demonstration
  • Publication and Release of Proceedings
  • Children Environment Congress- Parallel session at XUB, Bhubaneswar
  • Young Scientist Award
  • Award to Environment Ambassador, Award to significant contribution by the Citizen at the Community Level in the field of Environment.
  • Environment Excellence Award
  • Cultural program.

1. Application for Young Scientist Award: November 10th ,2016
2. Nomination for Environment Ambassador Award: November 15th ,2016
3. Nomination for Sudhanshu Bhushan Mishra Corporate Excellence Award in Environment: November 15th ,2016
4. Main Event of OEC: 20th to 22nd December 2016

1. Young Scientists Award: Papers from young researchers (age 35 and below) alone will be considered for inclusion in the award session.
2. Green Ambassador Award: Nominations from credible NGOs/Civil society members, academicians, experts in environment with …
3. Corporate Excellence Award: Nominations from Corporate Bodies or Foundations of Corporate Bodies having visible contribution in …




Odisha Environment Congress deliberated upon country and global evidences, researches, community practices and the gains achieved by the state over the decades on environment, health and nutrition. The Congress acknowledged the strong policy and political will and people’s participation in various programs.

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Important: Odisha Environment Congress (OEC) is one such platform which brings together researchers, scientific community and grass root workers to discuss, deliberated and find out solutions to various environment challenges.
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