Odisha Environment Congress is a unique platform which provides opportunity to academicians, researchers, scientists, planners, policy makers, students and practitioners to think, act and innovate in meeting the challenges related to environment and climate change.


Started in the year 2010, Odisha Environment Congress (OEC) will hold its 9th edition during December 2018. As an annual scientific and civil society event on environment, it has been providing a unique opportunity to academicians, researchers, scientists, planners, policy makers, students and practitioners, community members and civil society organizations of the State and outside for learning, interaction and dissemination of knowledge on different themes around environment. It also provides scope for publication and presentation on theme specific research based articles in the proceedings which is released during the main event. The themes of last 8 years were “Environment & Water Resources” in 2010, “Environment & Forest” in 2011, “Environment & Energy” in 2012, “Environment & Agriculture” in 2013, “Environment & Climate Change” in 2014, “Environment: Health and Nutrition” in 2015,“Environment: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)” in 2016 and “Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management” in 2017. The theme for 2018 is Environment and Gandhi.

In the last eight years, many scientists/researchers/experts of National repute from Odisha as well as Ministers and officials from the Central & State Govt. had attended this mega event. Apart from 3 days long conference and paper presentations on the given themes, there have been other activities which include various competitions among school and college students, exhibitions, regional workshops, Young Scientist Awards, Green Corporate Award, Green Ambassador Award, Children’s Environment Congress etc. By successfully organizing the Annual Event over the years and by involving citizens from diverse fields, Odisha Environment Congress is a unique and important platform for the cause of protection and conservation of environment in the state of Odisha.


This theme has been chosen to coincide with the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. As you are aware, the views expressed by Mahatma Gandhi, almost a century back, have been subject of a discussion in several national and international meets, leading to changes in Government Policy on Environment. The Agenda 21 of Rio Declaration on Environment is an example. While in the short run, Gandhiji wanted political independence following the path of Ahimsa, his long-term vision was economic independence for India’s teeming millions based on social, economic and environmental equity together with ethical considerations. He was able to correlate environmental issues with many aspects of development that included conservation of natural resources, use of renewable energy resources, ecological security, poverty reduction, urbanization/industrialization and environmental stress, clean water and basic sanitation, social equity and so on.  Not many could have such futuristic statements on environment and development since at that time environmental problems were either not felt or at best were only in their incipient stage. His concern for environment is adequately manifested when he said,   “Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”  ­

Keeping in mind the foregoing analysis, Odisha Environment Congress has decided to organize it’s 9th edition on the theme, “Environment and Gandhi”. The envisaged objective of this year’s OEC is to bring together academicians, activists, policy makers, industry, media houses and all other stakeholders to discuss, debate and deliberate on issues and challenges of environment as perceived by Mahatma Gandhi  that has become a subject of global concern and come out with implementable solutions.. The issues pertaining to the theme need to be taken to larger public domain, specifically to the young masses, and hence OEC 2018 has planned  various other activities apart from inviting paper presentations by experts/scientists/researchers on topics related to the focal theme – “Environment and Gandhi” with specific relevance to Odisha.


To provide a platform for interaction among the researchers, policy makers, leading experts, social activists in the field of Environment, so that they come up with innovative and creative ideas to address key environmental challenges.

To enhance the networking among various research organizations, government and non government organizations working in the field of Environment.

To generate specific knowledge base on Environment and its relationship with human beings among stakeholders.

To provide a community – scientific group inter –face for better understanding of environmental issues and how to overcome them.

1. Application for Young Scientist Award: November 10th ,2016
2. Nomination for Environment Ambassador Award:  November 15th ,2016
3. Nomination for Sudhanshu Bhushan Mishra Corporate Excellence Award in Environment: November 15th ,2016
4. Main Event of OEC: 20th to 22nd December 2016

1. Young Scientists Award: Papers from young researchers (age 35 and below) alone will be considered for inclusion in the award session.
2. Green Ambassador Award: Nominations from credible NGOs/Civil society members, academicians, experts in environment with …
3. Corporate Excellence Award: Nominations from Corporate Bodies or Foundations of Corporate Bodies having visible contribution in …


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Important: Odisha Environment Congress (OEC) is one such platform which brings together researchers, scientific community and grass root workers to discuss, deliberated and find out solutions to various environment challenges.
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